After suffering for years with carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, I finally decided to pursue surgery. I did my research and decided Orlando Hand Surgery Associates was going to be my first stop. They were able to get me in very quickly with Dr. Anup Patel, and I was very impressed with him just from our first meeting. I also really liked the fact that he specializes in reconstructive surgery. The office got my records from my previous doctor and was able to schedule me for surgery within a week. The day of surgery I was in good spirits, not worried at all because I had full faith that Dr. Patel was a great choice to operate on my hand. I really appreciated the fact that he talked with me before and after surgery and even called to check up on me. The incision is much smaller than I expected and the recovery wasn’t bad at all! I am so grateful to have found such a wonderful, caring and skilled surgeon. If you are on the fence about having carpal tunnel surgery or any other hand surgery, don’t wait! Go see Dr. Patel.