I first met Dr. Anup Patel on an emergency basis after suffering a terrible triad elbow injury, a complete shattering my elbow during a slip and fall. I briefly scanned his qualifications, was so impressed, and immediately at ease when I met him and he explained the surgery to me that was the next day. The day of the surgery he again explained everything and reassured me I was in good hands. During the surgery, Dr. Patel discovered that my elbow was too damaged to save, and he ended up putting in a prosthetic elbow and screw. In recovery, Dr. Patel explained how he tried to save the elbow but it just was not possible. He took great care to make sure that with each appointment I had the right therapy and braces to help me recover from this as much as possible.

Everyone who has seen my arm–friends and other doctors–are all impressed with how it looks and what a great job he did on the reconstruction and plastic surgery. Not only is he a great surgeon, but he is a doctor who truly cares about his patients and their recovery. I highly recommend Dr. Anup Patel.